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Senior translators achieve MITI status – 2015

MITI Catherine Entwistle Jenny Pettet Melanie SmithAs part of our commitment to continuing professional development at LKT, all of our team members work towards becoming qualified members of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI). Applicants must demonstrate a minimum of three years’ relevant professional experience before becoming eligible to take the entrance examination. Having reached this milestone in their careers, team members Catherine Entwistle, Jenny Pettet and Melanie Smith sat the MITI examination in October 2015.

The examination involves translating a text of around 1000 words on a subject chosen by the candidate, and preparing a commentary to accompany the translation. Candidates are able to select subject areas related to the fields in which they work on a daily basis – in our case, manufacturing, technology, industry and production – in order to accurately demonstrate their ability to translate to a professional standard. Our translators were each sent a different exam text and given a four-day period (Friday to Monday) to complete the assignment. Spending the weekend in their normal working environment at the office in Middleton was definitely worthwhile, as our translators were able to use all of their familiar resources and equipment as well as giving each other some moral support!

After a nervous wait of a few weeks, we were thrilled to be told that all three candidates had passed the examination and would therefore join our colleagues Louise Killeen and Siobhan Gorrie as qualified members of the ITI. Having five MITI among our ranks at LKT is certainly proof of our growing profile within the translation industry and our commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards in our work.