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The big move 2014

Picnic Lunch new move 2LK Translations has always been committed to ensuring that its employees benefit from CPD, and it was in this spirit that the whole team gathered in the Middleton office on a sunny 16th May for the latest in a series of team days. This time, the focus was on the correct use of reference material and quality assurance, with the session taking the form of workshop exercises, talks and lively discussions. One of the highlights of the day was that the two latest additions to the team – Helen Eden and Roddy Norris – were able to attend and get to know more about how the company works ahead of taking up their new posts in July.

After a busy morning, another treat was in store: LK Translations is soon to move to a larger site in the same area of Manchester and, as luck would have it, the keys to the new property had become available earlier that week. This gave everyone – including the new recruits – the opportunity to head over to the new office space and discuss how it could be used effectively. There was even a picnic lunch arranged, which also provided time for chatting and getting to know the new team members better.

As the team grows and demand increases along with it, LK Translations is committed to ensuring it continues to provide customers with a consistently high level of quality. Regular sessions like this one help to cement many of the team’s skills, such as communication, and ensure that every member is working to the same high standards. Another team day is planned for the near future.