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UKTI Explore Export event 2015

With the company going from strength to strength thanks to our exceptional relationships with existing customers, it would be easy for the team at LKT to rest on its laurels; however, sticking to the status quo simply doesn’t feature in this company’s business model. Keen to provide the best possible support for our customers as they expand into new markets, our aims for 2016 are to offer language services out of English into other languages and also to add to our existing customer base as the team continues to grow.

It is with these objectives firmly in mind that the company has strengthened its connections with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) over the past twelve months. Having attended one of their language and culture masterclasses earlier this year, Friday 13 November saw Melanie Smith take part in UKTI’s Explore Export event at Old Trafford. This latest opportunity provided scope for Melanie to arrange a one-to-one meeting with Judith Schneider, a UKTI Trade Advisor who has worked at the British Consulate General in Munich for the past 15 years. Whilst we already have considerable experience in the German market, it was certainly reassuring to hear from an “export expert” that we are taking the correct approach when it comes to targeting new customers and providing the best possible services for our existing ones. With a whole host of representatives from a broad range of countries, we also had the opportunity to speak to other trade advisors with a view to establishing which language combinations might be useful to branch into next. Armed with some useful tips and tricks, 2016 is certain to be a big year for Louise Killeen Translations. Watch this space!