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A week or so on from receiving the fantastic news that after carrying out their annual quality audit one of our biggest customers has rated us their number 1 translation supplier, I’ve been reflecting on all things “quality”.

If you can’t sell on quality, as some would have us believe (because it’s taken for granted), why does it still rank so highly when customers assess their suppliers?

The right words chosen carefully can make or break sales of a product or service globally, and I’m delighted that the LKTeam is able to contribute to the global success of our customers.

We’ll continue to invest time and money developing the skills of our in-house team and freelance partners as we strive to hit the top spot once again in 2023.

Of course, there are other ways of meeting and wherever possible exceeding expectations – professionalism, quality of service, rapid response, constantly hitting deadlines – and we pride ourselves on those too, but translation quality still comes out on top.

And why shouldn’t it?